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ColonSilence = smart


Important! Before ColonSilence is used, the stoma must be completely healed.


ColonSilence is made of modern composite material. The efficient damping effect of ColonSilence is guaranteed by the combination of high quality materials and tested in extensive test series. ColonSilence meets all requirements concerning the damping of unpleasing flatulences and high wearing comfort.

The top face of the silencer cap is made of robust and flexible plastic material. The rear side is covered with a soft padding made of high quality foam material that avoids skin irritation and makes the cap so comfortable to wear. The solid combination of those two materials creates a padding that allowes the silencer cap to adapt to the body shape and the stoma. Inside the cap, there is an inlet made of special foam with insulating properties.


ColonSilence is used since 2006 by many stoma bearers as an established and approven silencer cap.

How ColonSilence works



→ ColonSilence is suitable for a stoma with max. diameter of 50 mm and should be used after irrigation in the period without bowel motion. If the product is used without irrigation, the main bowel motion should have taken place before. In case of secondary bowel motion, the stoma bag has to be changed. The silencer cap is than placed on the new bag.

→ ColonSilence is placed on the stoma bag and fixed with a standard belt. The cap must be placed avoiding cavities and gaps that might affect the damping effect of the cap.

→ Suitable for off-the-shelf stoma bags.

→ The belt ist NOT provided with the product. It is a standard belt, available in commerce.

→ ColonSilence is comfortable to wear and can be used without irritation also for longer periods. The comfortable padding guarantees that the silencer cap doesn't disturb the stoma bearer.

→ If used correctly, the damping effect of the cap lasts for minimum 6 months.

→ ColonSilence is made of eco-friendly material. Made in Germany.


The pros of ColonSilence

1 ColonSilence is an efficient silencer for spontaneaous flatulences produced by a stoma that cannot be controlled by the stoma bearer.

2 ColonSilence is suitable for all off-the-shelf stoma bags and is placed over the stoma bag.

3 ColonSilence is easy to fix and easy to remove. It is that thin that you bearly note the silencer cap under your clothes.

4 ColonSilence can also be used as an efficient protection against pressure - like seatbelts in the car - and shock.

5 ColonSilence is robust and washable in the washing machine (30°C).

6 ColonSilence is fixed with the standard belt, available in commerce.

7 ColonSilence is made of eco-friendly, well-tolerated material. Made in Germany.

8 ColonSilence has a soft padding that prevents pressure marks and skin irritations. That guarantees a high wearing comfort.


Please note: For hygienic reasons, the product can be returned ONLY in the original packaging with undamaged sealing!

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